Instagram metrics for student housing: What you need to know

Apr 29, 2020

When it comes to digital marketing, especially in paid ads, it’s important to understand what all of your reporting metrics mean. We’ve created a short and concise list of terms to help you comprehend and leverage the data from your paid instagram ads.

Reach: the total number of individuals who have seen your ad.

Impressions: how many times the ad has shown up on a screen. This may include multiple views of the ad from the same people.

Leads: how many people have submitted a form on the landing page.

Cost Per Lead: the amount of ad spend allocated to acquire each lead.

Amount Spent: the total amount of ad spend that has been spent on facebook to obtain your results.

Link Clicks: how many times the link connected to the ad has been clicked.

CPC (Cost Per Link Click): the amount of ad spend allocated to acquire each click.

CTR (Link Click-Through Rate): the percentage of times people saw your ad and performed a link click.

After you understand the meaning of each term, you then have to understand what drives those metrics and how the metrics relate to leasing. Get our latest free guide below to be sure you’re equipped!

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